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The new frontier of fashion-wedding hair hairstyles no longer speaks only of chignons (almost always perfect) but hairdressers enjoy playing with new three-dimensional volumes, braids (classic or cascading) and semi-collected more or less deconstructed. The new hairstyles to show off at the wedding expand in height (but not only) and can be discreet, but also very flashy. And when the extravagance gives way to softer details, the hair is modulated into side torchones that bring in vogue a (sometimes) forgotten elegance. Hairstyles more or less conventional, extravagant or eccentric, three-dimensional or easy-chic but that alone are able to give character to the entire wedding outfit. Among the most modern wedding hairstyles, the side tail is much loved by those looking for a romantic but simple look, not overly sophisticated. Many associate the tail with minimal and jaunty styles, but this type of hairstyle can be declined in many different ways, suitable for any bride. From romantic and traditional bride to more country chic, the queue satisfies all tastes and needs, easy to match but still very elegant. And if you don't want to go to the hairdresser, you can have fun creating your own hairstyle as you see fit. The semi-harvest is the perfect hairstyle for those looking for a romantic look for the wedding day, a chic touch for the dreamer bride's hair and that is well suited to the most varied styles. Very recommended for those who have long hair, the semi-harvest can come in various hairstyles, from the simplest to the most elaborate. The important thing is that this type of look remains soft on the shoulders, which gives value to your hair, decorating it with accessories and small precious elements combined with makeup and dress. The semi-harvest is suitable for both those looking for a DIY look and those who love the most refined and elaborate styles, unique for the big day. Those who get married between June and September will have to account a good dose of summer heat, which will inevitably condition the look of the wedding. Another feature of this season are the typical colors, warm, cheerful, suitable for different locations and occasions. And so the hairstyle of the bride will also adapt to the context: whether formal or jaunty, each wedding will have as common denominator the summer. Whatever kind of bride you want to be you will find in our immense gallery of images of haunting bride the one most suitable for you. The great designers collect here their section dedicated to the most beautiful day for every woman. Scroll through the gallery and find the right hairstyle for you! To help you choose, we propose a gallery with some ideas of wedding hairstyle, from which you can take inspiration to be beautiful on the day when you will celebrate your love.

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